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From painting on location around Australia to creating masterpieces at his gallery studio in Arcadia, Peter Lawson Fine Art Gallery showcases every style of work Peter can offer. Peter has also won a multitude of awards across a range of prestigious art competitions, so when you need commissioned art, you never have to settle for second best.

The Lawson legacy

At an early age, Peter was inspired by his grandfather’s brother, the legendary Australian poet Henry Lawson. It was then when Peter began a life-long interest in the pioneering period, the gold rush and various other great epochs of history. His paintings keep the Lawson legacy alive, appearing in many Australian historical publications, telling the pictorial story of this great nation.

As a passionate art creator, Peter feels extremely privileged to do what he loves most each and every day. His passion and dedication shine through in every painting he creates at his art gallery studio and on location throughout Australia. The artwork you receive is developed with the utmost care and attention, which is why Peter has the outstanding reputation he deserves today.

With a commitment to excellence and an extraordinary eye for detail, Peter Lawson is honoured to create original fine art that reflects your vision or purpose.

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Meet an award-winning artist

peter lawson fine art gallery

Peter enjoys continually challenging his artistic abilities and techniques when creating his masterpieces. He has received accolades in the following sections:

  • Impressionism
  • Landscapes
  • Seascapes
  • Florals
  • Historical
  • Portraiture

Thanks to Peter’s dedication and extensive work experience as a painter, he has won the appreciation of buyers and critics alike. Continually overcome by the moods of light and atmosphere, critics regularly express the feeling that Peter’s work transforms them to another time and place, as if they were walking into the actual painting.

Bringing the past to life

Have your communities most important historical events brought back to life in a masterpiece of art by Australia’s own Peter Lawson. Peter will paint commissioned landscapes and portraits on location or from his Arcadia art gallery studio.

For over 40 years, Peter Lawson has captured the splendour and historical importance of local communities around Australia and the world. His intricate and meticulous paintings of portraits, landscapes, streetscapes, scenes and special events in eras long past never fail to capture the imagination and draw you into each painting.

Scenarios are painted with an acute sensitivity to the era in which they are set. Peter travels to the area setting and studies early photographic records in order to transform scenes into accurate accounts of times past.

Public art officers, committee’s, government councils, commercial dealers, and private collectors can enquire about Peter Lawson’s paintings where all expressions of interest will be promptly dealt with by Peter himself.

Artwork for sale

Priding himself on his highly adaptable artistic expertise and his fantastic communication skills, Peter works closely with you to determine your exact requirements in order to create the perfect commissioned piece. Everything Peter paints has a unique twist, adhering to your individual vision by adapting his styles and techniques.

Whatever tone, feeling, mood or emotion you’re looking for, Peter will capture it, whether in his art studio or at your chosen location. Peter Lawson Fine Art Gallery also has a range of paintings available to view and purchase, whether you want some inspiration or want to buy a finished, beautiful piece of art.

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Art lessons

Peter has developed and refined his techniques over the years and delivers ongoing training as an accomplished art teacher. If you want to grow your artistic skills and be tutored by an award winning artist in Arcadia, the only name you need to remember is Peter Lawson.
Please call, email or complete the contact form for further information or to arrange an estimate on your custom artwork.


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